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You will get an email with a cash offer . We build all fees, costs and market risk adjustments into your final offer. The amount you see in our offer is the cash you will have in hand.

If you accept the offer, you will have a link to approve and sign a contract to finalize.

Once you sign the contract, we close on your timetable. It can be as quickly as seven days or, if you need more time to make your move, we will accommodate your needs.

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Our customers all Sell their houses AS IS to us. As a rule, they’re delighted with our “quick-as-you-can-blink” no-stress offers. Poor aesthetics don’t phase us because there are enough traditional marketing savings to make it a win-win.

For example, when you accept our offer, you save:
Thousands of dollars by avoiding the need to declutter, stage, create curb-appeal, and renovate.
6% in agents commission

You bypass:

Massive offer disruptions imposed by after-offer home inspections and mortgage company appraisals.

That’s an easy question to answer – At closing. Speaking more specifically. Here are the steps you should consider as most important:

You’ll have a cash offer for your home within hours of contacting us that’s as good as cash in the bank. All you have to do is sign our agreement.
We won’t pressure you to close faster than suits your timeline – as long as it’s mutually reasonable.
When you select a date, we’ll lodge the offer dollars in a reputable title and escrow company.
On closing, the appointed lawyer will, without any doubt, transfer the designated funds into your bank account as dictated by Ohio state law requirements and your directions.
mortgage company appraisals.

We’re very resourceful when it comes to dealing with these types of situations. As an experienced home cash buyer in Cincinnati (and surrounding areas), we’re ready to counteract all complications. If Cincinnati residential ownership issues like the following enter your decision-making, we can assist:

Pre-foreclosure stress
Renovations you haven’t the cash to do
A short-sale bank that represents an obstacle
Your Mortgage is in arrears
IRS tax payments are somehow in the mix with liens

We often take over seller mortgages, put the brakes on foreclosures, and even rescue mortgages that are upside down.


If you are a Cincinnati heir and contact us, you will experience our professional house buyer expertise. CONTACT US TODAY FOR DETAILS

Excellent question. Here are the considerations:

The instant you accept our house cash offer, you bypass:
-6% realtor’s commission
-Massive money in get-home-ready expenses like decluttering, staging, creating curb-appeal, and renovations.
-The offer disruptions of after-offer home inspections and low mortgage lender appraisals.

Of course, our profits figure into the equation. Still, we start with neighborhood comparables, then deliver an offer that considers all the fees, commissions, and cost we save you when you sell your house traditionally. We understand that your home is possibly the most critical asset in your portfolio, so we take your transaction seriously.

Poor aesthetics are a massive negative when selling with a realtor. That’s because it goes against successful showings and agent motivation to bring people to view the house. We look past flawed cosmetics that turn off prospects buyers attracted through the MLS. Our fair offers don’t unfairly penalize iffy curb appeal, cluttering, peeling paint, worn carpeting, and old-fashioned fixtures. The latter won’t delay our offer process. You won’t need to tap into your cash savings to make repairs to get a fair offer from us.

No problem. Our closing agents depend on FedEx and USPS to send and receive documents. State notaries enable a smooth transition from start to finish. Wherever you live, we make it possible for you to sell a Cincinnati, Ohio, house fast and painlessly.

Once you choose a closing date, we expect you to vacate the house. However, cash issues, as in your question, are not unusual. Tell us about this, and there’s a great chance we can organize for our attorney to wire you the cash at closing with an escrow deduction to cover it.